How teachers motivate students in the classroom

Teacher is one of the great professions in this world. To becoming a great teacher is not a simple task. A teacher should always motivate their students to achieve their goal. Motivation is an important factor that leads each student to the path of success. Students those who are not motivated will not learn in proper way. They won’t study properly, they won’t participate in any activities, or some other may disturbed due to any other issues. All they need proper motivation to participate in those activities. Sometimes students may unmotivated by their teachers, in this situation students feel difficult to study and shy to participate in different academic or non academic activities. It affects the overall performance of the students deeply.

Motivating students can difficult task for teachers but it is necessary for the student’s success. Motivated students show an extreme interest to participate in all the activities. A class full of highly motivated students makes a pleasant atmosphere and it is enjoyable for both teachers and students. Some students are already self motivated hence they personally do anything to attain their dream goal. But it is important to motivate students by teachers who are not self motivated. It is the responsibility of a best teacher to motivate and inspire their student to attain their full potential. There are numbers of ways available to motivate students by teachers. Some best ways of motivations are below:

Congratulate the student for big and small thing: this is one of the best ways to motivate students without any difficulties. As a good teacher, it is important that to pries the students for their small and big achievements. Conduct different small motivation programs in classrooms such as display the name of good performer in classrooms and send a positive feedback of students to their parents and give some honor badges to students etc. All these activities help to motivate each student deeply.

Provide positive learning atmosphere: only a positive learning atmosphere can provide an inspiration to students as to learn more in an effective way. So it is the duty of every teacher to setup a positive atmosphere for students to learn. A positive atmosphere always motivates students to learn.

Create challenges: it is common that people always wish to face the challenges. It is also a best way to motivate students. Create a challenge in classrooms is an interesting thing. Through this challenge, students wish to overcome this challenge and try to become better than others. It motivates students indirectly and helps them to create self motivation in students. Many teachers create group and assign different activities to those group. Here students try to become a best group and they try their best to become a perfect group. This is one kind of motivation or an inspiration teacher can do to their students. Challenges always motivate students to fulfill that challenge.

Create a supportive atmosphere: behind the success of every student, there is a great support. Strong support always helps to achieve success. A teacher’s support is necessary to get achievements in academic life. Great support provides an inspiration or motivation to students to perform well in all activities. If a student gives up at any situation, it is the duty of the teachers to provide support and inspiration to them. Great support can helps to overcome the entire struggle.

Provide a platform to express student’s skill: we know that every single student is skilled differently and their choices are different. A best classroom or teacher always tries to motivate their students to express their own skill. Don’t try to de-motivate their skill or tease them. Instead of that, provide a platform to shoe their skills to public or others. It will make happiness in students and they also attach more to their teachers and other colleagues. It is the great motivation that can give by a teacher to their students.

Give more care for students who need extra encouragement: we can see that some students are depressed or with lack of self confidence. They fail to achieve their dream goal due to their limitations. So it is necessary to motivate or improve the confidence level in students. It is the responsibility of the teacher to give motivation to their students once they can see that they are depressed or facing any other problems. Teachers can easily identify any changes in their students because students spend their maximum time with their teachers. So they can easily identify any changes in them.

Allow a platform to share student’s opinion: instead of force students to do one thing, try to know students opinion also in every matter. This is one of the best platforms for students to share their opinion in front of others. If they can express in front of their colleagues and teachers, surely they can get confidence to present their opinion in front of public also. This is one of the necessary qualities needed in these days. Providing these kinds of opportunity motivate students in many ways. All these are the different ways that helps to motivate students in their classrooms.