Importance of discussing interesting subjects in the classroom

Classroom atmosphere is very important. If the classroom atmosphere is bad then students are can’t able to concentrate their study. Concentration is very important. All students are tried to keep good relationship with their teachers. Teachers not only teach the subjects that belongs to the syllabus rather than that they teach good behavior and all. Teacher and student relation must be strong. In the case of a child, as like parents, the teachers are also having full responsibility. A best teacher always tries to build good students, for building good students they teach those students about good characters. In the academic, classroom atmosphere is very important. If the classroom atmosphere is very dark and strict then students can’t get proper concentration and they can’t able to understand the syllabus that their teachers teach. Some teachers think that, strictness is help students to score best marks in their academic. Generally, strictness is need but it has limitation. Over strictness will spoil a student’s life. Students have some expectations from their teachers. If the teachers show stricter in the classroom then students are not interested to sit in the class and they can’t able to concentrate the class. The class room atmosphere should always feel students happy and students can able to concentrate the study. Academic mark is very important.

Teachers are discussing other interesting topics rather than in the syllabus. By discussing syllabus topics then commonly students feel very bad and they can’t able to concentrate the topics but here if the teacher discuss the other interesting topic that not in the syllabus then students feel happy and it help students to refresh their mind and they can able to concentrate the syllabus topic. Interest is very important, if the student not interest to hear the teaching then that student brain never catch the topics. But in the case of creating good classroom atmosphere, then students hear the teaching very interestedly and their brain can able to catch the topic very fast. By discussing interesting topics in the classroom it help to improve the student and teacher relationship. Teacher and student relationship is very important. Without teacher guiding, no one can’t able to reach the success in their life. A teacher name is there in all successful person stories. Discussion can enable students to learn and inspire them to finish homework and to plan for class. Driving discussions in which students contribute seriously requires a lot of educator thinking ahead and inventiveness.

Academic have many students. Not all students are equally talented. Teachers are having full responsibility on students. In the case of a student life, after the parents next priority is their teachers. As like parents, the teachers also have responsibility to build good students. A student become good student is not only by scoring high marks in their academic, that student character is also very important. Character of a student is based on their family background. Commonly student’s character become better after came to school. At school, teachers teach good behavior and they teach to respect others. In the classroom also if the students not give proper respect to their teacher then it will also affect the study. Some lectures are only discussing about the syllabus topic and they never find students get the topic clearly or not. The best teachers care their students clearly and they give first priority to their students. After discussing a topic, they make sure about students status and only after all students get the topic then they start discussing other topic. Before starting the new topic, teachers check the status of students and they test their mood and commonly continue discussion of syllabus topic make students very boring so that teachers discuss other interesting topics and refresh their mind and go for other syllabus topic. By discussing interesting topic middle of the class, it helps students to refresh their mind and they can bale to catch the topic very fast. Teachers responsibility to teach the syllabus clearly to the students. All topics are not such easy so that only without concentration students can’t understand the topics.