What are the resources that a student, used for improving their academic performance?

The students academic performance is more important. Today many resources are available for study. The commonly using resources are internet, library, knowledge person, Television, Radio, seminar, etc. These are more helpful to the students for doing the academic activities. The students are depending more for these resources. These resources are providing different level of materials. The computer is a commonly used resource for the study purpose. It is a good resource for the study, that is the computer with internet connection is more helpful. The students are searching different terms or topics on the search engine; they will get wide range of details about that topic. The internet search is a more powerful and commonly used for the study. The computer is used for the other academic works, used to writing the essay, used to preparing the assignments and project reports, used to making the slides and also used for the presentation. The computer is also used for the communication, by using e-mail, face book, or using other public services. It is used to sharing the study materials. The teachers are also good resource for a learning student. by clearing the doubts and teaching the subjects and also giving the good advices for the students. The teachers are also giving a great support for the students.

The libraries are also good resource for the students. The library contain different book on different field. There are different types of libraries works. The public library, school library are some of the examples. The libraries are a commonly using resource for the academic purpose. The public library contains the story book, novels, newspapers and other magazines. It is helpful to the students for learning language subject. The school library contains the books related to the academic subject. The reading books are a good hobby for the students. The reading books improving the students thinking and improving the students knowledge. The reading is the good habit for all peoples.

The mobile phones and television are also good resources for the students. The mobile phone is used to call the friends or teachers to clearing the doubts or other academic use. The mobile phone is also used to sharing the study materials like assignments, home works or other activities. And it also used for chatting with her friends and teachers. The television is another commonly using resource. It is used to understanding the latest news and viewing the students related visuals, travelling stories, quiz programs, or watching the career guidance classes. To watching television improving the students general knowledge. It is helpful to the students for writing essays or travelling stories.

Newspapers are another resource for the students. The newspapers are more helpful to students. The continues reading of news papers are improves the students language very well and the students are understanding the daily news. It improves the students social vision and increasing the knowledge about the world level. The daily reading of news paper is a good habit for the students. To reading different language papers improves the knowledge about that language. For example daily reading of English paper improves the English language of the students. Also the news paper cuttings are helpful for the students by making the albums or collection books.

The career guidance classes and seminars are also important for the students. To attending the seminar or career guidance class improves the students vision. The career guidance classes giving the clear idea about the students future. Career guidance classes are more helpful to the student at the time of future selection. To attending the seminar classes are also important, the students are getting the detailed ideas about the particular seminar topic, this will helpful at the time of writing assignments and other essays. The radio is also useful to the students. To hearing the radio programs like seminars, some health programs are also useful to the students. The academic resources are more important for a student academic success. These are the commonly used resources for the students academic performance.